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Decorative Jiggy
Custom Media Fields Bulk Resize your Images Categorize your media Easy Thumbnail Regeneration Optimize images on upload One-click Replace Images Add your own image sizes

Custom Media Fields

Create your own media fields and add your own metadata to your images.

Bulk Resize your Images

Bulk resize all your images without the hassle to re-upload them with Jixxio’s Image Resizer

Categorize your media

Easily manage and categorize your images to get the best possible overview.

Easy Thumbnail Regeneration

An easy one-click solution to regenerate the thumbnails of your images. Select your images and hit regenerate.

Optimize images on upload

Compress and resize all your images automatically when uploading and enhance your website’s performance.

One-click Replace Images

Simply replace any of your images with this one click solution. No more updating page by page.

Add your own image sizes

Customize your images by selecting your desired sizes and proportions.

Enhance your WordPress experience

Easy to use

Easy to use

One-click solutions for WordPress’ missing media features.



Jixxio Media MGT is the only media management plugin you will ever need.

Customer support

Customer support

Our products are made to be as clear and simple to use as possible. However, if you still come across any issues, the Jixxio support team is here to help you out.

Money back Guarantee

Money back Guarantee

The Jixxio team strives towards 100% customer satisfaction. Are you not satisfied with our promise? We will gladly refund you the full amount.

Simple, Focused, Elegant.

Jixxio endeavors a WordPress which does what you want, where you want and how you want it. We strive to rid your website of unnecessary data and clutter, therefore our plugins are designed with a clearly defined and sole focus. We envision an elegant experience with Jixxio.


  • Lifetime updates for 1 Site
  • 1 time payment
  • Media Categories
  • Thumbnail regeneration
  • Register image sizes
  • And much more!

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