Every seasoned developer has experienced it… the dread of WordPress’ Media Management. Your files are scattered around everywhere and in the wrong sizes (ruining your website performance) and it feels like there is no way to get any grip on the situation. You have tried all the free crappy plugins on Envato and even paid for some but none seem to help improve the situation. Does that mean it is time to give up looking and to keep doing everything manually, again and again? Yes, it is time to stop looking but, no, you don’t have to keep doing everything manually! A new media management plugin came out recently and it claims to be everything all of us have been looking for all this time.  

In comes Jixxio, “Media Management Made Easy”. Claiming to be the best media management plugin for WordPress out there. But who or what are Jixxio and what does their plugin even do? Furthermore, we wanted to discover for ourselves and for you, is this really the best media management plugin for WordPress? 

What does Jixxio Media Management claim to be?

Completely new to the plugin scene, Jixxio, a group of young but experienced developers were fed up with WordPress Media Management, just like us, and decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They spent a year to create a Plugin that they claim can do all of the following things: 

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  2. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
  3. One-Click to Replace Images
  4. Custom Media Fields and Metadata
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration

All of that in one simple plugin. And not only that, but they have also found a way to make it extremely easy to use. And lastly, if, for some reason, someone would not be happy with their plugin they promise to give you back 100% of your money.

When we first heard of Jixxio we obviously had to get it and test it for ourselves. Was this really going to be the best Media Management Plugin for WordPress out there? We certainly hoped so, because we have known the struggles of media management in WordPress for way too long. 

Method of assessment and results

We set up four criteria: 

  1. Does it do everything it claims to do?
  2. How easy is it to use?
  3. Does it look appealing/how is the UI and user experience?
  4. How do its features compare to what else is out there?

Firstly, (1) does it do everything it claims to do? Remember the extensive list above of things it claims to be able to do? When we tried it, everything worked exactly as we expected (and hoped for!). So the answer is a definite yes!

Secondly, (2) was it easy to use? Again, the answer is a clear yes. Almost everything required only one button click! It is one of the easiest plugins we have ever used.

Thirdly, (3) does it look appealing and how is the UI? The plugin is made to look very simplistic and all the features reflect this. There are no flashy effects or anything, everything looks almost like it is a natural part of WordPress. We liked this a lot because it was not intrusive at all.

Lastly, (4) how does Jixxio compare to what else is out there? There really is not even a comparison to be made here. There are some plugins that offer parts of what Jixxio has to offer but nothing is so complete. 


We are extremely happy to say that there is finally a plugin that addresses all of our Media Management needs. So to answer the question, is This Really the Best Media Management Plugin for WordPress Out There? Our answer is a definite yes. It solves all the problems of WordPress’ Media management, and there are many. It does this efficiently and effectively. Jixxio is simple to use and it is not intrusive. It blows all of the other options completely out of the park and we recommend this plugin to anyone who actively uses WordPress and deals with a lot of Media. 

Get it here now!