Best WordPress Image Optimizer | Top 3 Plugins

Are you looking to optimize your images fast and quickly. Do you want your images to take up less space or have optimal quality? Do you want to be able to easily resize and crop your images directly in WordPress? We wanted the same! Therefore, we carried out an extensieve search and compiled a list of the 3 Best WordPress Image Optimizer plugins!

We all know dealing with images can be incredibly frustrating in WordPress. Having bad image management can make your website run slower. Furthermore, strangely, WordPress does not have an image management system built in. Therefore you have little control over your images. For example optimizing, cropping, resizing and categorizing your images is not possible. So, lets take a look at the three best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins that can solve this for us!

1. Jixxio Media & Image Management

This incredibly powerful and relatively new plugin has significantly raised the bar for all the other plugins on Envato. This is because, they have truly made image optimization easy. Jixxio has made a, highly functioning, all-in-one solution. As a result, we believe this is by far the best image Optimizer for WordPress out there. Jixxio allows you to resize, crop and compress your images and much more. Therefore, enhancing your website speed and image experience (for the entire list of features that are included in the Jixxio plugin see the list or image below!).

After having used it for a while now its easy to forget it is not standard in WordPress. It is simple, elegant and well integrated into WordPress. Therefore, we believe Jixxio to be the best WordPress Image Optimizer.

Jixxio Best WordPress image Optimizer
Jixxio Media Management: List of Included Features

Jixxio List of Features:

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance.
  2. Bulk Resize Images.
  3. Easily Manage and Categorize your Images.
  4. One-Click to Replace Images.
  5. Custom Media Fields and Metadata.
  6. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes.
  7. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration.

Get it now on envato!

2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Wordpress image Optimizer
Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Second on our list is Shortpixel’s Image Optimizer. This another fantastic plugin that can help to compress images for you. They have a nice paid plan to compress images. You simply provide your email address and they will provide you with an API key.

The main downside of this image optimizer is that it requires a monthly subscription which can be annoying. Furthermore, it does not provide all the additional features that Jixxio does provide. Overall, its a great plugin and is therefore placed number two on our list of the best WordPress Image Optimizer!

3. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Wordpress image Optimizer
Compress JPEG & PNG images

To finish of this list of the best three WordPress Image Optimizer plugins, we have Compress JPEG & PNG images! This simple plugin does exactly what it is called. However it also requires a yearly subscription for $25. It is very similar to Shortpixel. However we have a slight personal preference for shortpixel.