Give a Category to Images, WordPress Plugin

Do you want to give a category to your images using a WordPress Plugin? Yes! I want to organize my media better! Now, you probably have two simple questions:

  1. What is the best WordPress plugin for giving a category to images?
  2. How do I use this plugin to categorize my images?

Feel free to scroll down below if you are looking to only one of these answers. However, if you are still wondering why you would need a category for your images and why your need a WordPress plugin for this, continue reading here. Firstly, WordPress allows you to give categories to blogs and pages, however, for some reason not to images. Therefore, this can be a real struggle when you are dealing with a website containing a lot of images. Giving a category to your images helps you with your media management.

Work faster, with no frustration, by finding your images easily. You can simply filter for your chosen category when you get the right plugin. This will save you time and help you organize your media properly. 

What is the best WordPress Plugin to Give a Category to Your Images?

Jixxio Media Management has proven themselves again. Ranked the best all around solution for all your images in WordPress. Time and time again, people look for specific features to improve how we deal with images on WordPress. However, Jixxio already has it all build into their simple all-in-one plugin. Giving a category to your images is the same story.

Jixxio has created the easiest and fastest way to manage your media. You can create a new media category, add these categories to your images and filter by these images. Sorting and finding images made easy! Jixxio is the best wordpress plugin to give a category to images. 

Jixxio Category Images WordPress Plugin
Category Images WordPress Plugin – By Jixxio

How do I give a Category to my Images Using the WordPress Plugin Jixxio?

Step 1: Download Jixxio from Envato.

Simply click here to go directly to Envato to download it!

Alternatively, click here to learn more about Jixxio or scroll down below for a list of features.

Step 2: Create a new Media Category.

Go to Media > Categories, Pick a name for your new image category and click on ‘Add New Category’.

Step 3: Go to an image and select the category (or multiple categories) you want it to have.

Step 4: DONE! You can now easily filter your images on the grid and list view!

See the official step by step explanation/tutorial on Jixxio’s FAQ here. 

What else can Jixxio do?

Jixxio list of features. WordPress plugin image category
Jixxio Features

Jixxio is a WordPress plugin to give a category to your images. However, Jixxio does not only serve this one purpose, it is an entire toolbox. They offer so many features. Therefore, here is a list of all the features that are included in the plugin. All these extra features come free without any extra charge! In summary, It’s an amazing all-in-one package to solve all your media management in WordPress. 

  1. The first one is obvious. With Jixxio you can easily manage and categorize your images.
  2. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance.
  3. Bulk Resize Images.
  4. One-Click to Replace Images.
  5. Custom Media Fields and Metadata.
  6. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes.
  7. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration.

Get Jixxio now on Envato by simply clicking here!