How to Bulk Resize Images in WordPress

How do I Bulk resize my images in WordPress? 


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When you have a lot of large images you significantly slow down your website. Furthermore, having such large images is not necessary, as most computer screens do not even have the ability to display such high quality. Visitors of slow websites are far more likely to leave your website before it has even loaded, or after scrolling or clicking a link. Therefore, optimized image sizes are crucial to the success of your websites. Instead of doing this one by one and by hand, we obviously want to do this quickly and in bulk. So the question is: How to bulk resize Images in WordPress?

We already answered this question in the first sentence as most people visiting this are looking for a quick solution. However, for the people who are not 100% convinced that this is the best way or who need a little more explanation we recommend you read the following chapter.

How do I use Jixxio to Bulk Resize Images in WordPress?

First of all WordPress does not offer any good solutions for bulk resizing images. However, this is not the only problem with WordPress’ Media Management. If you have been using WordPress for a longer time you will know how much of a struggle Media Management can be. Many of you will have downloaded and tried out a plethora of plugins for support but with little luck. For those of you who are just starting out, you will likely also suffer from the problems of WordPress’ Media Management in the future. 

The makers of Jixxio recognized these issues and decided to go on a one year adventure. What they developed is the best tool for media management for WordPress. Luckily for us, their most recent update also provided us with the long awaited functionality of ‘Bulk Resizing Images’! Just like Jixxio’s other features, it is extremely easy to use, efficient and well integrated into the UI of WordPress. 

Step by Step

To bulk resize, simply download and install the plugin here. Secondly, click on the ‘BULK RESIZE’ button and select your desired width, height, crop and quality and hit the ‘BULK RESIZE ALL IMAGES’ button.

Alternatively, if you want to bulk resize only a select few images in WordPress. Go to the media section, click on the ‘BULK SELECT’ button, and simply select your images you want to resize. 

This will save you so much time, especially when dealing with a lot of images. Furthermore, the other options Jixxio offers are guaranteed to save you a lot of time and effort in the future as well. Here is a quick overview of some of their other features that are all included in their plugin:

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  2. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
  3. One-Click to Replace Images
  4. Custom Media Fields and Metadata
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration
  7. And lastly, obviously it allows you to bulk resize your images 


There you have it. How to bulk resize images in WordPress with Jixxio! Additionally you will receive all these great features listed above. Lastly, Jixxio are so sure of their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are genuinely not satisfied.