Have you ever had the feeling that your media is a mess? Find it annoying and time consuming to not be able to find the right files, or that they are not the right size? Have you ever tried to organize and get a grip on your files but realized WordPress does not seem to make it easy for you? We wanted to find the best wordpress media management plugin of 2019-2020 to solve these issues for you!

We looked around on Envato and we have discovered a new WordPress Media Management Plugin on the Envato market that proclaims to be above and beyond all the other media management plugins out there! This plugin does not just solve one simple issue, like some other plugins do, but instead seems to provide THE All-in-One solution for all your WordPress Media Management struggles, now and in the future. We are of course talking about JIXXIO Media Management.

What is Jixxio Media Management?

Jixxio promises an unparalleled list of features, namely: 

  1. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration
  2. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
  3. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  4. One-Click to Replace Images
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Custom Media Fields and Metadata

Furthermore, they promise top quality customer support and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their plugin!

Because they are new and they claim to do all these remarkable things and provide these services, we obviously had to take them to the test. Therefore we asked ourselves the following question; Is this the best WordPress Media Management Plugin of 2019-2020?

The Short answer is YES, and the longer answer is “YES BY FAR”. The makers of this plugin have put so much time, effort and dedication into perfecting this plugin that it almost sounds too good to be true. Everything they promise is there and it works, and not only that, it is extremely simple to use and is even aesthetically pleasing.

Regenerating your thumbnails literally requires clicking just one button. You can simply categorize your media with any name you would like. Allow Jixxio to optimize your images and you never have to do this again manually. Want to replace an image? Simply click the button. Want to add your own custom image sizes? Click the button. How about adding further custom media fields when dealing with a lot of images? Click the button.

It is that easy. So, is this the best WordPress Media Management Plugin of 2019-2020? Yes, it really is. Jixxio strives to make their user experience the best possible and they do this by making media management easy for you. Which is exactly what their slogan says: “Media Management Made Easy”.


We started the search for a better media management plugin out of frustration with the options WordPress provides, and the lack of solutions out there. Luckily, we came at the right time, just a couple of months after Jixxio came out with their new amazing plugin. When we first saw it, we thought there had to be something about it that didn’t make sense. We didn’t expect it to be possible that such an in-depth, all-solving media manager would be out there. Especially since we check envato quite regularly to help us develop our WordPress projects. However, everything Jixxio proclaims is true.

Everyone in our office has been using it for the past month while developing websites and we unanimously believe it to be the single best Media Management Plugin out there. To summarize we asked Niles, one of our colleagues, to answer the question, is this the best WordPress Media Management Plugin of 2019-2020? He said,

I use it every day. I think that says enough