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Are you looking for the best WordPress Plugin that is essential for every serious web developer? One of the main frustrations of modern-day website building with WordPress, is media management. Websites need to run smoothly and fast. However, poor image management can severely hinder this. Is your website running slowly? Or does is take ages to load certain pages? Jixxio might be your answer! Jixxio is the best WordPress Plugin for all your media.

It is simple to use, well integrated and very fast. It optimizes your images with one single click. However, Jixxio decided they wanted their plugin to do more! Therefore, they spend months upon months creating an all in one package for all your media needs. It is the best all-in-one wordpress plugin for your media solutions. Better media management, better website performance and a great overview of your media.

So, what does this all in one package actually contain?

Why is Jixxio the best WordPress Plugin for media management? First of all, it functions exactly how you expect it to function. All its features look like they should be part of WordPress and after some time using it you actually forget that that is not the case. Now, lets take a look at all the features Jixxio offers in their package.

Jixxio allows you to fully and automatically optimize your images while you’re uploading them. Thereby, significantly and permanently improving your website performance. Secondly, Jixxio allows you to bulk resize your images so you can change your image sizes all in one go. And all it requires is the click of one button. Furthermore, this WordPress plugin allows you to categorize your images, replace your images with a single click and add media fields and metadata. If you wish to add your own custom images sizes, that is possible too. This is really useful in combination with the previously named features. Lastly, but certainly not least, Jixxio allows you to easily regenerate your thumbnails with the click of a single button.

For the full list of Jixxio’s features, and to see why Jixxio is the best WordPress Plugin for media management out there, see the list below.

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance.
  2. Bulk Resize Images.
  3. Easily Manage and Categorize your Images.
  4. One-Click to Replace Images.
  5. Custom Media Fields and Metadata.
  6. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes.
  7. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration.
Jixxio Best WordPress plugin
Jixxio List of Included Features

How do I get Jixxio, the best WordPress Plugin for media management?

To get Jixxio simply go to envato and download it from there! Or you can click on the link right here to take you there. Furthermore, click here if you are looking for more in-depth information on how to do each of the features that Jixxio can do, see their FAQ here.

Jixxio offers great customer support and a 100% money back guarantee in case for some reason you are not happy with their product.