Top 4 Best WordPress Plugins Media Management 2020

So you have either been using WordPress for a while now or you are brand new to the scene. It doesn’t matter for this article. For the people who are new, let me tell you one thing. WordPress Media Management is a mess. If you have a lot of media stuff can get chaotic pretty quickly. You can get overwhelmed with the images and you won’t be able to find anything anymore. Furthermore, bad media management can mess up your website speed, looks and general performance, and possibly most importantly; it can ruin your SEO. Therefore, we ran through all the available Media Management plugins and compiled a list of the top 4 best WordPress plugins for Media Management for 2020. 

Now then, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best 4 WordPress Plugins for Media Management in 2020! Let’s start with the absolute uncontested number one plugin out there:

1: Jixxio Media Management 

This relatively new party in the plugin sector has completely ran over all and any of its competitors. Instead of making some small changes to slightly improve your media management experience, Jixxio has completely revamped the definition of Media management in WordPress. We could stop here with the list of out top 4 best WordPress plugins for media management of 2020, because you really will not need anything else than Jixxio. 

Their plugin is an all-in-one solution to the huge lack of features of WordPress’ Media management.

Jixxio Media Management Promo Video

Here is a quick overview of what their plugin can do:

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  2. Bulk Resize Images
  3. One-Click to Replace Images
  4. Custom Media Fields and Metadata
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration 
  7. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images

As you can see, it simply contains everything that WordPress is missing. Everyone in our office has been using this plugin everyday with a lot of satisfaction. It is easy to use, it looks good, and it is extremely fast and effective. After using it for a while you completely forget that it isn’t part WordPress in the first place. 

I recently had to help a new colleague with an issue on WordPress, and I quickly wanted to regenerate some thumbnails, and I spent 5 minutes confused about where the “regenerate thumbnails” button had gone, before realising he didn’t have the Jixxio plugin installed… This was shocking. I don’t understand how anyone, who deals with a lot of images, can still work without Jixxio’s Media Management Plugin. 

Jixxio meme of the week
Jixxio Media Management Features

This plugin is only $20 on Envato which is extremely cheap for everything it does. Getting this will prevent you having to buy 7 other plugins that cost $25 each to achieve the same thing. 

In short, this plugin is easily the winner when it comes to our list of the top 4 best WordPress Plugins for media management of 2020.

You can get it here right now by clicking on this link!

In case you were curious to what else would be on this list we also to analyzed the other options out there. So, let’s continue to the number two spot! 

2: Enhanced Media Gallery by wpUXsolutions 

Also the uncontested second place is for enhanced media gallery by wpUXsolutions. With the best part about it being that their beginner/basic plan is free. It allows you to add tags and order your images quite simply! It’s almost like a new skin for WordPress that can be quite useful. However, if you want some of the actually useful functions such as bulk editing (which, Jixxio also provides) you will need to get the premium version for $25. 

3: WordPress Media Library Folders by Filebird

On number three we have the also relatively new plugin by filebird. It is called WordPress media library folders. This is quite a basic plugin that allows you to make folders for your images. Quite handy when you want to be more organized with your media! Furthermore, it has a nice looking UI. The price, at $25, is a little steep for this single functionality. Nonetheless, this plugin has a well deserved spot at number 3 of our top 4 best wordpress plugins for media management 2020. 

4: WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager 

And the occupant of the last spot on our list is WordPress real media library – media categories / folders file manager! Very similar to Filebird on spot number 3, this plugin allows you to organize your media files. It is pretty simply to use with drag and drop and quite effective. We think its slightly less responsive and not as nice looking as Filebird, therefore getting a lower spot. It is also the same price as Filebird, at $25, but it is still a good addition for some WordPress media management! 

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