Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Image Management 2019

If you have been using WordPress for a while you know how chaotic it can be to deal with your images, especially when you have a lot of it. Our goal was to analyze every potential WordPress plugin for image management and figure out a list of the top 5 best WordPress plugins for image management in 2019. Let’s take a look at the current problems WordPress faces with their image management in 2019.

Why do we need a good WordPress Image Plugin?

Firstly, image clutter can quickly pile up and you can lose oversight. Every time you upload a media file, and you probably do this a lot, you are making your WordPress Media Library messier and less organized. As a result, it can be hard to find back the right files and this can be incredibly frustrating. WordPress as of yet does not have a solution for this.

Some other major problems with the WordPress media library are that you have to use the WordPress image editor or photoshop each time you want to resize something. Consequently, this can be quite time consuming, and frankly a waste of your time.

Another big problem when you have a website is that you can’t add very large images because it reduces your loading time, SEO and bounce rate. However, sometimes you do want to add a large image, but you want to avoid the problems described above. Unfortunately, WordPress does not provide any solutions to optimize and resize images on upload. But it is possible now some of these plugins below!

Now that we have addressed some of the deficiencies of WordPress and their image management. Let’s get into the top 5 best WordPress image plugins in 2019 that will solve many of these problems and make your life and experience 10 times easier!

Let’s get straight into it with the absolute number one best WordPress image management plugin for 2019!THE

The best WordPress Image Plugin 2019!

1: Jixxio Media Management

This newcomer in the plugin industry has taken us all completely by surprise with their efficient and effective approach to the features WordPress has been missing for all these years.

Screenshot Jixxio Media Management

They have successfully created an all-in-one package for all the major features WordPress’ Media library is missing. This WordPress image plugin consists of all of these well-rounded features:

Screenshot Jixxio Regenerate Thumbnails

We have been testing and using this plugin ourselves every day since its release and it continues to impress us with its functionality.

Jixxio Category Management

This plugin is $20 on Envato which is cheap considering how much it does, and it is well worth it.

Overall, this plugin is the clear winner for best the WordPress image plugin for 2019! It is easy to use, looks amazing, has a ton of extremely useful features and is absurd value for money!

If you are still not convinced click here to see their short promotional video!

2: Enhanced Media Gallery by wpUXsolutions

The best thing about this plugin is that its basic plan is free. This WordPress image plugin has Media categories and tags, media item sorting and filters, ordering by drag and drop and tag based galleries!

Screenshot Enhanced Media Gallery

It’s great if you have a lot of pictures and want to search for specific ones with enhanced filters. Furthermore, you can search for extensions! It makes the features of the WordPress UI better, and more easily accessible. It is almost like a new skin for wordpress, which actually works quite well.

Screenshot Enhanced Media Gallery

However, if you want some of the really useful features such as bulk editing categories you need to pay for relatively expensive the premium plan.

Overall this WordPress image management plugin has great UI features, but little functionality features with the basic plan, the premium option is pretty good but is quite expensive at $25.

3: Media Library Categories

This is a great plugin if you want to organize a lot of media files. Their features include:

Here are their screenshots from Envato to show what they do!

Screenshot Media Library Categories
Screenshot Media Library Categories

Overall this WordPress image management plugin is a solid and simple plugin! It works exactly like you expect it to, and is great for organizing your media, however, at $21 it is still quite expensive and it only has one simple feature.

4: WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Another great plugin if you want to organize your media files. It is simple to use and allows you to drag and drop. However, it is limited to this simple feature, and costs $25. So if you have a bunch of spare money laying around this is a great addition to your plugin collection!

Screenshot WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Overall, this is a well functioning plugin and is great for organizing your media. For $25 it is quite expensive for what it does as it only consists of one main feature. But again, you can do the same and more with Jixxio Media Management (LINK) and for a cheaper price.

5: WordPress Media Library Folders by Filebird

Filebird is another great plugin for dealing with a lot of media and files. It allows you to create, rename and delete folders and it has a drag and drop function.

Screenshot WordPress Media Library Folders
Screenshot WordPress Media Library Folders

Overall this WordPress image management plugin does what a lot of the other plugins are doing as well and has a very nice looking UI. However, at $25 and not much else to offer we believe that there are better options out there!