WordPress Plugin to Optimize Images

Are you looking for a great new WordPress plugin to optimize your images? Do you want to be able to do this at incredible speeds and efficiency? Do you want it to be as simple as possible? Jixxio has got you covered. This new group of dedicated software developers has created the optimal plugin for all your current and future media management. You will never have to worry about your images again! 

What does Jixxio do?

First and foremost, Jixxio Media Management allows your to optimize your images with one simple click. No longer do you have to re-upload any images! Jixxio gives you the power to bulk resize all your images and also resize single images. Furthermore, Jixxio is a WordPress plugin to optimize images by allowing you to optimize images on upload! This allows you to compress and resize all of your images when uploading, fully automatically. This can also significantly boost your website performance, due to images having the correct sizes. 

When getting this WordPress plugin to optimize images, you will not only get one or two features which would be the case with 99% of the other plugins on Codecanyon. With Jixxio you would get a complete media management package. The Jixxio development team dedicated themselves to create a solution for all the missing features of WordPress’ Media Management. For a quick overview of their main features see the list below.

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  2. Bulk Resize Images
  3. One-Click to Replace Images
  4. Custom Media Fields and Metadata
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration 
  7. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
Jixxio Media Management WordPress Plugin to optimize images
Jixxio Features

How exactly does Jixxio function?

This WordPress plugin to optimize images functions by creating several simple one-click buttons and fields that have been well integrated in your WordPress CMS. Therefore, Jixxio actually looks like it is part of WordPress and after having used it for quite some time, you can easily forget that it is not. It really should be though…

Jixxio’s other features are exactly the same, they are simple, effective and elegant, and look like they are part of your WordPress. 

What about other WordPress plugins to optimize images?

There are several other plugins out there, on codecanyon, that claim to be able to do parts of the things Jixxio can do. However, many of these plugins are often awkward to use and sometimes even unnecessarily complicated to work with. Furthermore, they can be expensive, especially considering that most of them only offer one single functionality, such as bulk resize. This is unlike Jixxio, which provides you with a plethora of media management solutions with extremely high value for your money. 

Jixxio also offers great customer support and replies to any concerns within just a few days, usually even within 1 day. Furthermore, if for some reason you are not satisfied with Jixxio Media Management, Jixxio has got you covered. The Jixxio team works with a 100% customer satisfaction policy and provides a money back guarantee! 

How do I get Jixxio, the WordPress Plugin to optimize images?

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to optimize images, simply find Jixxio on Codecanyon and download it from there! Alternatively, click here to go there directly!

Want to know more? Visit Jixxio here!