Add Image Sizes
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How do I add my own image sizes?Add Image Sizes

Step 1. Go to Register Image Sizes. You will see an overview of the registered image sizes and you can also create your own custom image sizes here.

Image Size Name: Enter a unique name*

Width and Height: Resizes the image file to your desired pixel format, without stretching or leaving a blank space.

Crop: Selecting the crop option will cut out an area of your image, from the middle, to the size of your selected width and height.

Step 2: Click Save Changes to register the image size.

Step 3: IMPORTANT: After creating an image size, you MUST run Regenerate Thumbnails.

*NOTE: No spaces or special characters allowed. Only letters, numbers, minus signs and underscores. Always check the name in the table before using it to avoid confusions.

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How do I use my new image sizes?Add Image Sizes

To use the new image size, enter the name as you would with one of the standard sizes like thumbnail, medium or full in your preferred page editor.