One-click Image Replace
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How do I replace an image?One-click Image Replace

Go to the Media section, hover over the image you want to replace and click ‘edit’. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Choose File’ button next to ‘Replace Image’. Choose the image with which you want to replace the image. Once selected, click the update button to apply the changes.

WARNING: There is no going back! Once replaced, the old image will be deleted. If you want to keep the old image for later use you should save it to your computer before replacing it.

NOTE 1: The image needs to be of the same type as the original.

NOTE 2: After replacing you may see the old image still on your screen. This is due to your browser cache. To clear your cache for this page, do a forced refresh, press Ctrl+Shift+R (Cmd+Shift+R on Mac) for modern browsers or Ctrl+F5 if you are using Internet Explorer. If this does not work, click here to learn how to clear your cache.