Jixxio meme of the week: 4th of November

Welcome to our first edition of JIXXIO MEME OF THE WEEK. Comment below on how bad you thought our meme was this week! You can also follow us on Instagram to get notifications of these memes! https://www.instagram.com/jixxio/

Meme of the week info

Jixxio Meme of the week! is sponsored by no one. We create these memes out of thin air and that also what they consist off… Thin air… Thin Pixels… They are mainly really bad…

Please enjoy your weekly programmer cringe.

Outstanding Joker joke

This is a joke

BONUS: Extra Jixxio meme launch special

Because this is our first week of the series, this week has an additional meme! Which meme did you think was worse (or better)? Leave a comment bellow!

Jixxio Features

Jixxio endeavors a WordPress which does what you want, where you want and how you want it. We aim to solve all your media problems with our plugin. Here is a list of the features of Jixxio Media Management:

  1. Automatically Optimize Images on Upload and Enhance Website Performance
  2. Bulk Resize Images
  3. One-Click to Replace Images
  4. Custom Media Fields and Metadata
  5. Add Your Own Custom Image Sizes
  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration 
  7. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
Jixxio meme of the week
Jixxio Features

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