Jixxio Meme of The Week, OK Boomer: 8th of November

Welcome to already our Second edition of JIXXIO MEME OF THE WEEK, OK Boomer!

Baby Boomer: “Memes are stupid”

Millenial/Gen Z: “ok boomer”

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What is a Jixxio MEME OF THE WEEK and why is this here? – OK BOOMER

We are programmers… Its Friday… All we do is making awesome plugins and making cringy memes. You don’t have to be here, but here you are… So might as well worship our amazing meme-making skillz. Thanks for reading this. Meme On.

WordPress Update RAGE

Every SINGLE time


Gen Z and Millenials are finally starting to fight back against the out of sync, old fashioned baby boomers with a very simple phrase. OK BOOMER. This dismissive derogatory remark is the all hot and up and coming meme to disregard all your favorite boomers. Invest now #memeeconomy #okboomer



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  6. Easy Thumbnail Regeneration 
  7. Easily Manage and Categorize Your Images
Jixxio list of features. OK BOOMER
Jixxio Features that boomers don’t need

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